Travel Trend Research Using Google Trends – Part 2

In Part 1, you learned about Google Trends and how to research the interests of vacation and holiday travelers. We used the tool to compare different travel types, and to determine their relative popularity and seasonal trends over multiple years.

In Part 2, we’ll analyze searches for different types of destinations such as parks, beaches, museums and golf courses. Remember, our research assumes that Google searches indicate travel behavior. The information we discover will help us understand the interests of travelers around the world.

So what types of destinations do travelers want to visit? To start finding the answer, go to Google Trends (see the address at the end of this article) and submit this search: “national park, state park, county park, regional park” (with the commas but without the quotes). When the page reloads, you’ll see a line graph of the search phrases over multiple years. The relative heights of the lines show that national and state parks are more popular than county and regional parks. The peaks and valleys of the lines show that interest is seasonal, with interest highest in June and July (meaning summer in the northern hemisphere) and lowest in December.

The lower half of the page shows the regions and cities where the searches originated. For example, interest in national parks is high in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Now let’s look at search results for other destination types. Because the y-axis on the graph is relative, we will use “national park” as a constant in the comparisons. That way we can compare, for example, beaches vs. theme parks without having to submit them in the same search. This is necessary because Google Trends only allows the comparison of five phrases at a time.

As we try different destination types, we’ll see that some destinations are less popular than national parks. For example, search for “national park, theme park, water park, scuba diving, ecotourism”. Some of the destination types reach their highest popularity in July, such as the strong peak for water parks and the weaker peak for theme parks.

Now try “national park, shopping mall, shopping center, ski area, ski resort”. These last four destination types have peaks of varying height in December.

To drill down into more detail, you can pick specific destinations such as this search: “national park, Disneyland , Disney World, Six Flags, Sea World”. Note the relatively continuous popularity of the Disney parks and Sea World throughout the year, while Six Flags gets the most interest in July.

Camping and campgrounds are seasonal, of course, with strongest interest in July. More interesting is the fact that “camping” (meaning the activity or perhaps the type of equipment) is much more popular than “campground” (the place). Try it yourself: “national park, camping, campground”.

Golf courses and golf clubs have similar popularity and seasonal trends (with strong peaks in July) to national parks. To see for yourself, search for “national park, golf course, golf club”.

Other destinations are much popular than national parks, such as in this search: “national park, beach, mountain, museum”. Beaches have a wide range of seasonal interest, with a peak in July and lowest interest in December, though beaches remain more popular than any other destination type. The seasonal trend of mountains and museums is mostly flat, except mountains have a wide peak from December to February (ski season?) and museums have a sharp peak at the end of December (school break?).

Looking deeper into the seasonal popularity of beaches, we can see it depends on the beach’s distance and direction to the equator. For example, where summers are hot and winters are cold, beaches tend to be more popular during summer-such as the USA in August or Australia in December. Where temperatures are more constant (such as in Hawaii), beaches remain popular throughout the year. Try it yourself: “Sydney beach, Mexico beach, Hawaii beach, Texas beach, France beach”.

Using these research techniques, you will better understand the interests of travelers around the world.

Why Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Are a Great Way to See the National Park

Arizona’s Grand Canyon affords the visitor with some incredibly spectacular sights and vistas on the planet. As it is over 270 miles long and more than one mile deep, there are many lookouts from which to view different areas. But probably the most effective way of soaking in the whole experience is via Grand Canyon helicopter rides.

You have a choice of leaving from a number of nearby airports. Irrespective of length and time of a tour, you will manage to marvel at the sheer awesomeness of this national park. Many tour helis drop well below the rim. Visitors who take advantage of this sort of trip can see extraordinary rock structures in addition to amazing contours and colors of the canyon walls themselves.

The range of tours allows a person to customize trips according to time and money limitations as well as the extent of what one would like to see. But certainly, helis allow a person to see in a short time what many visitors need a prolonged trip to accomplish. In reality, the majority of tourists only receive the perspective of views from the South Rim. With an aerial view, you can potentially see a number of other views, such as the North Rim, which is closed to visitors during the winter season.

Take with you a camera to capture unique images. Many tours of this kind offer intriguing and informative narratives through headsets. In addition to the great scenery, the informational element is likely to make the trip that much more complete. You’ll be able to soak in the extraordinary variety of images during any of the rides and get archaeological and historical lessons while doing so.

In a given tour, one may well see close up marvels including the Inner Canyon Gorge, Ninety Four Mile Creek, Honan Point, Havasu Falls, just to mention a few remarkable sites. There are many different tours to choose from. Doing a little basic research before reserving a trip might be of some help in limiting the choices.

There are many options for mixing helicopter trips with some other packages as well. Many of the flights provide for landings and on foot explorations, for instance. Other flights are woven into other, longer term, vacation deals. A tour can be an exciting “side light” or even the centerpiece of one’s visit.

The costs for such tours are usually surprisingly inexpensive. The costs do vary depending on the company and the extent of the trip. Obviously, one will spend more for more extensive and all-encompassing tours. But for as low as $150.00 to $200.00 you can enjoy the tour experience of a lifetime.

Though seeing this phenomenal national park on foot makes for the experience of a lifetime, seeing it from the air is usually considerably better. What one is capable of seeing in under 1 hour can supply one with a lifetime of memories. So if you are planning for a vacation to this region of the U. S., it makes a lot of sense to select from one of the many Grand Canyon helicopter rides.

Tips For Getting the Best Travel Insurance For Your Needs

Travel insurance is undoubtedly the most important thing when concerning vacation. Either you’re planning to go to abroad or within your country, it is very essential to include it on your plan. To take a vacation without insurance is like walking in the cloudy weather without an umbrella. Thus, when you are going to plan a vacation, holiday insurance is a must on your list. In fact, put it on the top of your list. So next time you travel, make sure you have travel insurance with you.

Too many people do not think of small things and underestimate a lot of things, such as missing baggage, stolen money, accident, or even illness as factors that can happen when they travel. All of these can be covered by insurance.

Try these tips when buying travel insurance for your vacation: Buy this insurance through online, because you can save 60% rather than bought it through a travel agent. You only have to search it through the internet to find coverage that fit your needs. Keep in mind that you find a company that have a strong financial in this area, because you want to make sure that your claims are met when something happened.

When you book your accommodation online, you can also find some great deals on other extras, such as travel insurance and car rent. If you are a businessmen who travels nationally or internationally, you would want to have a credit card that allow you to enjoy saving from free air ticket, hotel, free travel insurance, and other advantage related to travel.

Make sure you check the companies credentials if you want to hire an online company. Find a legal company that offer more than one plan. Check out different level of coverage to choose plan that suit your needs. Some of the things that must always be included in every policy are: Personal Liability, Hospital and Medical Expenses, Unlimited Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance, Unlimited Lost Deposits and Cancellation Fees, and Unlimited Overseas Dental.

Pay attention to your money and documents when it comes to travel insurance. Make sure you have the right passports and visas. If possible, do not bring cash, but always use travelers check. But remember; do not sign them until you want to use them.

Always check the details of the policy that being offered. If you and your family member have pre-existing condition, you might want to take coverage that covers that. With that coverage in your hand, traveling will be fun without worrying about medical emergency.

Travel insurance will make sure that sudden financial burdens will not occur while you far away from home. Keep in mind to always scrutinize and check out every company that you consider hiring. Jot down everything you want to have coverage for and check it with your note every time you want to pick the plan that is perfect for you.